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Here are all the 1★(Normal) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class World Farmable
Ophelia Ophelia Healer The Armon Guards
Aaron-bridgnorth Aaron Bridgnorth Dealer The Armon Guards
Baby-mushroom Baby Mushroom Tanker Red Mushroom Forest 1-2
Uncle-mushroom Uncle Mushroom Tanker Red Mushroom Forest
Mr.Mushroom Mr. Mushroom Tanker Red Mushroom Forest
Blue-seedling Blue Seedling Tanker Red Mushroom Forest
Pink-seedling Pink Seedling Tanker Red Mushroom Forest
Purple-seedling Purple Seedling Hybrid Red Mushroom Forest
Green-seedling Green Seedling Tanker Red Mushroom Forest 1-5
Green-artie Green Artie Dealer Red Mushroom Forest 1-8
Red-artie Red Artie Dealer Red Mushroom Forest 1-10
Sancho Sancho Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Arbol Arbol Tanker Desert of Sandstorm
Kabol Kabol Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
Warrior-kobold Warrior Kobold Tanker Desert of Sandstorm
Thief-kobold Thief Kobold Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
Spearman-gok Spearman Gok Tanker Desert of Sandstorm 2-10
Soldier Gok Soldier Gok Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
Coco-cupcake Coco Cupcake Healer Sweet Cookie Farm
Strawberry Macaroon Strawberry Macaroon Hybrid Sweet Cookie Farm
Pistachio-macaroon Pistachio Macaroon Hybrid Sweet Cookie Farm
Grape Macaroon Grape Macaroon Hybrid Sweet Cookie Farm
Nutmeg Nutmeg Healer Sweet Cookie Farm
Infantry-remy Infantry Remy Tanker Sweet Cookie Farm
Artillery-remy Artillery Remy Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm
Reef-piranha Reef Piranha Dealer Deep Sea Ravine
Deep-sea-piranha Deep Sea Piranha Dealer Deep Sea Ravine
Mr. Snaps Thumb Mr. Snaps Tanker Deep Sea Ravine
Capo-shark Capo Shark Tanker Deep Sea Ravine
Blue Yomi Blue Yomi Dealer Deep Sea Ravine
Yuma Yuma Tanker Wondrous Thornland
Rag-doll-ted Rag Doll Ted Dealer Wondrous Thornland
Deux-of-hearts Deux of Hearts Healer Wondrous Thornland
Deux-of-diamonds Deux of Diamonds Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-10
Deux-of-spades Deux of Spades Healer Wondrous Thornland
Deux of Clubs Deux of Clubs Healer Wondrous Thornland
Green-larva Green Larva Tanker Abandoned Advance Base
M2-turret M2 Turret Dealer Abandoned Advance Base
M3 Turret M3 Turret Dealer Abandoned Advance Base
Ghost Ghost Dealer Keronic Base  
Vulcan Vulcan Hybrid Keronic Base
Krater Krater Tanker Keronic Base
Snowman-blue Snowman Blue Healer Event Hero
Capture Shadow Bomber Bat Dealer Ghostly Pumpkin Village 9-10
Grumpy Jagar Grumpy Jagar Tank Ghostly Pumpkin Village

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