Here are all the 2★(Rare) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class Continent Mission Loot
Harold icon
Harold Tank The Armon Guards
Sophia icon
Sophia Dealer The Armon Guards 5-9
Sir Ribbit icon
Sir Ribbit Dealer The Armon Guards
Mrs. Mushroom icon
Mrs. Mushroom Tank Red Mushroom Forest 1-2

Onyx 1-1,2~4

Gold Seedling icon
Gold Seedling Hybrid Red Mushroom Forest 1-5

Onyx 1-8~10

Turquoise Artie icon
Turquoise Artie Dealer Red Mushroom Forest 1-8

Onyx 1-5~7

Pancho icon
Pancho Healer Desert of Sandstorm 2-3

Onyx 2-2~4

Enraged Arbol icon
Enraged Arbol Tank Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-1~3
Enraged Kabol icon
Enraged Kabol Dealer Desert of Sandstorm 2-6

Onyx 1-1,4

Warrior Kabalus icon
Warrior Kabalus Tank Desert of Sandstorm 2-9; 5-1,3

Onyx 5-3

Thief Kabalus icon
Thief Kabalus Dealer Desert of Sandstorm 2-9; 5-3

Onyx 5-3

Spearman Mok icon
Spearman Mok Tank Desert of Sandstorm 2-8,9

Onyx 2-5,7

Soldier Mok icon
Soldier Mok Dealer Desert of Sandstorm 2-8,9

Onyx 2-5~7

Yoos icon
Yoos Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm 2-10

Onyx 2-8~10

Enraged Scarab icon
Enraged Scarab Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm
One-Eyed Mummy icon
One-Eyed Mummy Tank Desert of Sandstorm
Red Velvet Cupcake icon
Red Velvet Cupcake Healer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-1,2

Onyx 3-1~3

Vanilla Macaroon icon
Vanilla Macaroon Hybrid Sweet Cookie Farm 3-4,5

Onyx 3-1,3~5

Cinnamon icon
Cinnamon Healer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-6,7

Onyx 3-7

Infantry Jerry icon
Infantry Jerry Tank Sweet Cookie Farm 3-8,9

Onyx 3-6,10

Artillery Jerry icon
Artillery Jerry Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-8~10

Onyx 3-7,9

Blood Red Piranha icon
Blood Red Piranha Dealer Deep Sea Ravine 4-1,3

Onyx 4-1,3

Mr. Pinch icon
Mr. Pinch Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-2,4

Onyx 4-2

Consigliere Shark icon
Consigliere Shark Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-7

Onyx 4-5~7

Underboss Shark icon
Underboss Shark Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-6

Onyx 4-4~6

Red Yomi icon
Red Yomi Dealer Deep Sea Ravine 4-9,10

Onyx 4-8~10

Buckeye icon
Buckeye Tank Wondrous Thornland 5-4,5

Onyx 5-1

Rag Doll Toby icon
Rag Doll Toby Dealer Wondrous Thornland 5-6~8

Onyx 5-1,2

Five of Hearts icon
Five of Hearts Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-4

Onyx 5-10

Five of Diamonds icon
Five of Diamonds Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-2,3,8

Onyx 5-4

Six of Spades icon
Six of Spades Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-8,9

Onyx 5-5,8

Four of Clubs icon
Four of Clubs Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-1,3,7

Onyx 5-4,9

Sergeant Jack icon
Sergeant Jack Dealer Wondrous Thornland 6-3,5

Onyx 5-6,7

Medic Queen icon
Medic Queen Healer Wondrous Thornland 6-5,6,10

Onyx 5-5~7

Red Larva icon
Red Larva Tank Abandoned Advance Base 7-2,3

Onyx 6-1,2

KH-179 Turret icon
KH-179 Turret Dealer Abandoned Advance Base 7-3~6

Onyx 6-3,4,6,10

Evademic Rayner icon
Evademic Rayner Tank Abandoned Advance Base 7-6,7

Onyx 6-5,7

Evademic Gunner icon
Evademic Gunner Dealer Abandoned Advance Base 7-5

Onyx 6-5

Tudede icon
Tudede Hybrid Abandoned Advance Base 7-7

Onyx 6-6,8,9

Obsidian Krater icon
Obsidian Krater Tank Keronic Base 8-3,4,6,7

Onyx 7-1,2,4

Schaken icon
Schaken Hybrid Keronic Base 8-6,7,9

Onyx 7-5,6,9

Faust icon
Faust Dealer Keronic Base 8-6,7,9

Onyx 7-7,8

Listic icon
Listic Healer Keronic Base 8-7,9

Onyx 7-9,10

Twilight Bomber Bat icon
Twilight Bomber Bat Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-1,2

Onyx 8-1,4,5

Evil Jagar icon
Evil Jagar Tank Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-3~5

Onyx 8-2,3,7,10

Possessed Nicky icon
Possessed Nicky Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-4~6

Onyx 8-6,7

Menace Polter-kin icon
Menace Polter-kin Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-6~9

Onyx 8-8,9

Panda Cub May icon
Panda Cub May Tank Far Far East 10-1,2,6,8~10

Onyx 9-2,7

Kabi the Trickster icon
Kabi the Trickster Hybrid Far Far East 10-3~5,10

Onyx 9-3~5,8,10

Panda Lao icon
Panda Lao Dealer Far Far East 10-2,7~9

Onyx 9-1,2,6,9

Battle Dog Shaggy icon
Battle Dog Shaggy Hybrid Hero City Onyx 10-1~10
Honey Rice Cake icon
Honey Rice Cake Tank Event Hero
Snowman Red icon
Snowman Red Healer Event Hero