Here are all the 4★(Epic) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class Continent Mission Loot
Eric icon
Eric Tank The Armon Guards
William Burglen icon
William Burglen Dealer The Armon Guards
Sorceress Sophia icon
Sorceress Sophia Dealer The Armon Guards
Lady Arom icon
Lady Arom Healer The Armon Guards
King Toad icon
King Toad Dealer The Armon Guards
Talisa icon
Talisa Dealer The Armon Guards
Calvin icon
Calvin Dealer The Armon Guards
Nurse Ursel imgur
Nurse Ursel Dealer The Armon Guards
Maid Anna icon
Maid Anna Hybrid The Armon Guards
Swordmaiden Mina icon
Swordmaiden Mina Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Samurai Seijuro icon
Samurai Seijuro Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Ninja Kotaro icon
Ninja Kotaro Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Teddybear Grey icon
Teddybear Grey Healer The Armon Reinforcement
Fighter Yul icon
Fighter Yul Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Veteran Barnes icon
Veteran Barnes Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Muay Thai Klahan icon
Muay Thai Klahan Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Viscount Tremere icon
Viscount Tremere Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Soho icon
Soho Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Barry from Darkforest icon
Barry from Darkforest Healer The Armon Reinforcement
4star Placeholder Thumb
Uranus the Dangerous Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Detective Hen imgur
Detective Hen Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Perky Raina imgur
Perky Raina Healer The Armon Reinforcement
Forward Robin icon
Forward Robin Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Sir Pelleas icon
Sir Pelleas Healer The Armon Reinforcement
Wizard Jasper icon
Wizard Jasper Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Enraged Maudry icon
Enraged Maudry Hybrid Red Mushroom Forest Onyx 1-7,10
Gonzalez icon
Gonzalez Healer Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-2
Spearman Lak icon
Spearman Lak Tank Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-5
Soldier Lak icon
Soldier Lak Dealer Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-5
Nidhogg icon
Nidhogg Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-8
Tiamat icon
Tiamat Dealer Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-8,10
Mareed icon
Mareed Healer Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-10
King Tut icon
King Tut Tank Desert of Sandstorm
Tutankhamun icon
Tutankhamun Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Anubis the Protector icon
Anubis the Protector Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Blue Cloak Tom icon
Blue Cloak Tom Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm Onyx 3-6,10
Chichi icon
Chichi Healer Sweet Cookie Farm Onyx 3-9,10
Ghost Piranha icon
Ghost Piranha Dealer Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-1
Riu icon
Riu Hybrid Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-4,10
Pink Kraken icon
Pink Kraken Dealer Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-7
Princess Nami icon
Princess Nami Hybrid Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-10
Catty Ted icon
Catty Ted Dealer Wondrous Thornland Onyx 5-2
Teddy Toby icon
Teddy Toby Dealer Wondrous Thornland Onyx 5-2
Crazy Joker icon
Crazy Joker Dealer Wondrous Thornland Onyx 5-8,10
Queen Noir icon
Queen Noir Hybrid Wondrous Thornland Onyx 5-6,10
Apophis icon
Apophis Hybrid Abandoned Advance Base Onyx 6-6,10
Scorpion icon
Scorpion Dealer Abandoned Advance Base Onyx 6-9,10
Demonfire Krater icon
Demonfire Krater Tank Keronic Base Onyx 7-1
Fluxion Schaken icon
Fluxion Schaken Hybrid Keronic Base Onyx 7-10
Dark Faust icon
Dark Faust Dealer Keronic Base Onyx 7-7
Dark Listic icon
Dark Listic Healer Keronic Base Onyx 7-4
Wicked Jagar icon
Wicked Jagar Tank Ghastly Pumpkin Village Onyx 8-2,10
Andy the Rascal icon
Andy the Rascal Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village Onyx 8-8,10
Scarecrow Oren icon
Scarecrow Oren Healer Ghastly Pumpkin Village Onyx 8-5
Kibi the Scrapper icon
Kibi the Scrapper Hybrid Far Far East Onyx 9-3,9
Minotaur Beast King icon
Minotaur Beast King Tank Far Far East Onyx 9-9,10
Juon icon
Juon Tank Far Far East Onyx 9-10
Water Monster Lingling icon
Water Monster Lingling Hybrid Far Far East Onyx 9-6,9,10
Child Monk Jin icon
Child Monk Jin Healer Far Far East Onyx 9-10
Houwang icon
Houwang Dealer Far Far East Onyx 9-10
Werewolf icon
Werewolf Dealer Hero City Onyx 10-1
Choco Almond icon
Choco Almond Tank Hero City Onyx 10-4
Breakin' Meteor icon
Breakin' Meteor Hybrid Hero City
Amazing Diana icon
Amazing Diana Dealer Hero City Onyx 10-10
Heart Fire icon
Heart Fire Hybrid Hero City Onyx 10-7
Mafia Sanchero icon
Mafia Sanchero Dealer Hero City Onyx 10-10
Rudolf Gilbert icon
Rudolf Gilbert Healer Event Hero
Talisa icon
Superstar Talisa Dealer Event Hero
Forward Robin icon
Superstar Robin Dealer Event Hero
Lady June icon
Dancer June Healer Event Hero
Fighter Ruri icon
Full Moon Ruri Dealer Event Hero

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