Here are all the 6★(Legend) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class Continent
General Eric icon
General Eric Tank The Armon Guards
Rebecca icon
Rebecca Healer The Armon Guards
Apollon icon
Apollon Dealer The Armon Guards
Marine Brian icon
Marine Brian Dealer The Armon Guards
Rocket King Toad icon
Rocket King Toad Dealer The Armon Guards
Avril icon
Avril Dealer The Armon Guards
Dylan icon
Dylan Dealer The Armon Guards
Nurse Gale icon
Nurse Gale Dealer The Armon Guards
Maid Emma icon
Maid Emma Healer The Armon Guards
Bignose Jr. icon
Bignose Jr. Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Swordmaiden Yui icon
Swordmaiden Yui Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Samurai Musashi icon
Samurai Musashi Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Ninja Keiasu icon
Ninja Keiasu Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Fighter Rina icon
Fighter Rina Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Veteran Bo icon
Veteran Bo Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Muay Thai Khun icon
Muay Thai Khun Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Duke Venture icon
Duke Venture Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Miho icon
Miho Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Coco from Golden Forest icon
Coco from Golden Forest Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Hansung the Mysterious Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Agent Magpie imgur
Agent Magpie Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Figure Queen Yura icon
Figure Queen Yura Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Taekwondo Victoria icon
Taekwondo Victoria Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Rebel Bolo icon
Rebel Bolo Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Striker Diego icon
Striker Diego Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Sir Lancelot icon
Sir Lancelot Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Archmage Balthazar icon
Archmage Balthazar Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Pale Rider icon
Pale Rider Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Brock icon
Brock the Godhand Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Major Gok icon
Major Gok Tank Desert of Sandstorm
Captain Lak icon
Captain Lak Tank Desert of Sandstorm
Agnid icon
Agnid Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
Genie icon
Genie Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Thutmose III icon
Thutmose III Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Anubis the Jackal icon
Anubis the Jackal Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Miya icon
Miya Healer Sweet Cookie Farm
Master Lee icon
Master Lee Hybrid Deep Sea Ravine
Sorceress Sally icon
Sorceress Sally Dealer Forgotten Toy Town
Teddybear Pinky icon
Teddybear Pinky Hybrid Forgotten Toy Town
Space Flying Apophis icon
Flying Apophis Hybrid Abandoned Advance Base
Belphegor icon
Belphegor Dealer Keronic Base
Scarecrow Thomas icon
Scarecrow Thomas Healer Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Succubus Rosie icon
Succubus Rosie Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Franken icon
Franken Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Demon Beast King icon
Mighty Ox-King Tank Far Far East
Lead Lion Pigsy icon
Heavenly Messenger Pigsy Dealer Far Far East
Disciple Lingling icon
Enlightened LingLing Hybrid Far Far East
Monk Xuanzang icon
Monk Xuanzang Healer Far Far East
Son Wukong icon
Divine Warrior Wukong Dealer Far Far East
Fenrir icon
Fenrir Dealer Hero City
Amazing Linda icon
Amazing Linda Dealer Hero City
Fantastic Show icon
Fantastic Show Hybrid Hero City
Don Jobara icon
Don Jobara Dealer Hero City
Santa Fernando icon
Santa Fernando Healer Event Hero