Arena is the place where you fight other players' team. It is not a real time battle, as the opponent's party is controlled by AI, even if you can choose manually your skills and you have to perform the whole fight. But don't underestimate enemy team, even if it is controlled by computer, it can be still deadly!

Arena is available at level 3, first thing you have to do is to register a team. Do not forget to choose a leader for buffs! After you registered your team, you can start battling, and other players could encounter your team controlled by AI while they are participating in Arena. 

With arena challenges you can gain two things:

- Honor. Each time you win you are awarded with 4 honor points, while if you lose points will be only 2. 

- Ranking Points. Every victory you will obtain increase in ranking and every defeat will reduce your ranking, both based on the number of remaining heroes. 

Heroes Win Loss
1 +3 -1
2 +4 -1
3 +4 -2
4 +5 -2
5 +5 -3

While Honor points are personal and bound to the player, ranking is global. Every player that participates arena gets a ranking, and that is compared with other players. Every 6 days arena global rankings are reset, and each player is awarded with Carats, depending on his score.

So, always try to have the best possible team, don't burst your energy if you can gain some time and improve your party! In arena, every upgrade, every item, every skill, does count! Consider that as soon as your ranking raises, you will face better players, so be prepared!


Arena Tips
  • Place a tanker with high armor/defense or a hero with immune from damage skill in the front row.
  • The more AOE damage heroes you have in your deck the better.
  • Placing at least one hero with a skill that reduces enemy armor helps. One strategy is to use this skill first then continuously attack with your AOE skills
  • Another suggestion is to have 1 or 2 heroes that reduce damage taken and stay alive longer.
  • Reviving heroes at the right time can also be a game changer, Queen Sead (3★), Queen Noir (4★), Rebecca (6★).
  • Your foes may also have heroes with skill that immunes them from damage or buffs, it may help to take heroes that can remove their buffs, Lady Arom (4★), Apophis (4★), Rocket Lady June (5★) or Space Flying Apophis (6★).
  • Taking a hero with blind skills (preferably AOE) disables your enemy to hit you with normal attacks. Marine Jimmy (5★), Marine Brian (6★), Belphegor (6★)
  • Shocking your enemies with stun attacks also increases your chance to win.
  • You can earn more Honor Points, by getting your ‘Time Attack’ buff (-1 Energy or Honor +1 ~ +4).
  • Matching system: Ranks 30% an up are matched with opponents with similar Arena ranks. 30% and below are matched up with opponents who have registered similar grade heroes.
  • PvP Mode enables you to test your deck with other players without using Energy or Stamina.

Tips from Kaem

I suggest to not use auto-attacks: first, it is funny to control your heroes, second and more important, the order of abilities chosen by AI could make you lose the match (this is not PvE, here you will lose positions, and it means less carats at reset!)

Try to balance your team: 5 damager are are risk, but if you can deliver 3 AoE (area of effect) attacks, maybe with one critical, you will likely win the match. But remember that single target skill, with high damage, can be useful to get rid of toughest enemies!

And do not forget Tanks or Healers. One hero specialized in absorbing damage can save other party members, let's think about Assassin King (5? Hero), he can shift every single-target attack on himself, protecting the entire team and giving team for restoring or counterattacks! Or reviving healers, like the amazing Rebecca (6? Hero), can change the sorts of the battle in no time!

As starting advice, try to have a mixed setup: 1 Tank, 2 Damagers, 1 Healers and 1 Hybrid or support hero (buffs, debuffs...) it is a good choice!