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Type IGN/Guild Server(s) Status/Comments Date User Times/Posts(spam)
Recommendations RTN Armon, Keronic, Cucubita March 17 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations Felixng Armon May 14 2014  anon 3,7
Recommendations ay3 Armon, Keronic, Cucubita May 19 2014 anon 1,4
Recommendations Giiideon May 19 2014 anon 1,2
Recommendations ElitezArmy Armon June 6 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations Deex Keronic June 8 2014 anon 1.2
Recommendations zeolion Cucubita June 8 2014 anon 1,1
Guild Stardust Cucubita June 8 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations galan000 Armon June 13 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations JackieLS June 22 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations Talez June 23 2014 anon 1,1
Recommendations SirWalker Linberk July 2 2014 anon 1,3
Recommendations N379 Linberk
Panda Cub Lan-Lan imgur

The sexiest panda to ever live in Cucubita

July 2 2014 Reigenfer 1,1
Recommendations Lithe333 Armon, Keronic, Cucubita, Linberk July 4 2014 Lithe333
Guild RMArmon Armon Moved to FacePuncher July 4 2014 Lithe333
Guild RMKeronic Keronic Gone Inactive July 4 2014 Lithe333
Guild RMCucubita Cucubita Moved to Ker†ia July 4 2014 Lithe333
Guild RMLinberk Linberk Gone Inactive July 4 2014 Lithe333

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