Master all heroes on the list and you will be rewarded.

Protect Armon! Reward
Harold iconOphelia iconAaron Bridgnorth icon Amelia icon
Oh my best friend.. Reward
Rag Doll Ted iconRag Doll Toby iconSophia icon Isis icon
Let's Rumba~! Reward
Sancho iconPancho icon Lady June icon
My dream is World Cup star! Reward
Forward Robin iconMidfielder David iconStriker Diego icon Item PlaceholderOverlord's Marble
Healthy Mushroom Family! Reward
Baby Mushroom iconUncle Mushroom iconMr. Mushroom iconMrs. Mushroom icon Item Placeholder20 Stamina
Squishy Squishy Reward
Gold Seedling iconBlue Seedling iconPink Seedling iconPurple Seedling iconGreen Seedling icon Queen Sead icon
Feast! Reward
Green Artie iconRed Artie iconTurquoise Artie iconGreen Larva iconRed Larva icon Item Placeholder20000 Gold
Time is Gold! Reward
Warrior Kobold iconThief Kobold iconWarrior Kabalus iconThief Kabalus icon Item Placeholder30000 Gold
Prevent Forest Fires Reward
Enraged Kabol iconEnraged Arbol iconKabol iconArbol icon Item Placeholder30000 Gold
Mystery of an Old Desert Reward
Scarab iconEnraged Scarab iconSacred Scarab iconOne-Eyed Mummy iconEnraged Mummy iconKing Tut iconTutankhamun icon Ramses II icon
Sweeter than Macaron! Reward
Strawberry Macaroon iconPistachio Macaroon iconVanilla Macaroon iconGrape Macaroon icon Mint Macaroon icon
Fork and Spoon Reward
Infantry Jerry iconArtillery Jerry iconInfantry Remy iconArtillery Remy icon Item Placeholder20 Stamina
Don't eat my head! Reward
Nutmeg iconCinnamon icon Clove icon
Seafood Soup Reward
Mr. Pinch iconBlood Red Piranha iconConsigliere Shark iconRed Yomi icon Item Placeholder50000 Gold
Where is the General Reward
Deux of Hearts iconDeux of Diamonds iconDeux of Clubs iconDeux of Spades icon Officer King icon
Knight in Chess Reward
Yuma iconBuckeye icon Gilbert icon
Electric Shock! Reward
KH-179 Turret iconM3 Turret iconM2 Turret icon Item Placeholder30 Energy
Fight Fire with Fire Reward
Vulcan iconEnraged Arbol iconEnraged Kabol icon Item PlaceholderBurning Hellfire Pendant
Three Young Brothers Reward
Faust iconListic iconSchaken icon Destroyer Schaken icon
Ni Hao Reward
Panda Cub Lan-Lan iconPanda Cub May iconPanda Lao icon Panda Cub Tao icon
How Much! Reward
Mafia Sanchero iconMafia Gapne iconDon Jobara icon Item Placeholder300000 Gold
Eat Your Rice Cake! Reward
Coconut Rice Cake iconHoney Rice Cake iconBlueberry Rice Cake icon Item PlaceholderRandom Master Hero
Winter Fall! Reward
Snowman Blue iconSnowman Red iconSnowman Grey icon Item Placeholder50000 Gold
Christmas Miracle! Reward
Snowman Blue iconSnowman Red iconSnowman Grey iconRudolf Gilbert iconAngel Amelia iconSanta Fernando icon Item PlaceholderRandom Legend Item

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