For the process of creating 7★ items, see Evolution.


Crafting is a game mechanic added to Hello Hero on January 6, 2014, and involves combining six items of the same grade to create accessories or item pieces.

Accessories are the third option of gear, and generally include percentage buffs, that is, variables that are not shown in the hero stats. However, some have the ability to change base stats for better or worse. Although equipping accessories previously required enhancement, currently, any character between 3★ and 7★ can equip accessories.

Item Pieces, while originally found in the special dungeons, can be created by fusing six items of the grade below it.

In-universe, the process was created by Sorceress Sally and Apophis.


Grade Cost
1 2000 Gold
2 5000 Gold
3 10,000 Gold
4 30,000 Gold
5 100,000 Gold


300,000 Gold

? Gold