Duke Venture
Duke Venture imgur
Skills Gloomy Monday
Bloody Field
Rank 6★ (Legend)

The leader of the vampires is such an imposing figure that everyone kneels before him.
— Recruit Book

Duke Venture is a 6★ Dealer from Cucubita's Ghastly Pumpkin Village.

Skills Edit

  • Gloomy Monday (Cooldown: 88 secs.): Deals 40% attack damage to all enemies for 2 turns.
  • Bloody Field (Cooldown: 99 secs.): Deals 60% attack damage to all enemies and restores 15% health.

In the game Edit

Almost immediately upon release, Duke Venture was labelled one of the worst Legendary Heroes that could be recruited, even surpassing the likes of Queen's Fool Yorick and Hansung the Mysterious, due to his low attack stat and horrible stage skills that sacrificed actual damage for various gimmicks. Said gimmicks aren't particularly that useful either, as Gloomy Monday has a lower damage percentage than Maudry (a 3★ Hero)'s Thorn of Destruction (45% damage for 2 turns), and Bloody Field's recovery isn't enough to keep Venture going.

As a general consensus, Sorceress Sally is widely acknowledged as a better option when compared to Venture despite her stats being lower since both of her skills have a stage damage percentage of 70%.

Stats Edit

Level 30 Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Attack Damage 499 548 598 648 698 748
Defense 211 232 253 274 295 316
Health 718 789 861 933 1005 1077
Dexterity 20 20 20 20 20 20