The Dungeon is a hardnium mine taken by the Keronics, led by Belphegor. Each floor you clear, gives out high rewards, but you cannot re-enter the floor you already finished.

The Dungeon currently has 400+ floors (As of September 2016). Each floor costs 3 Energy to enter and if you failed, you can spend Gold and another 3 Energy to continue (The cost of gold depends on how deep you're in the dungeon).

There is a button you can click named Recent Clear. Is shows the commanders that recently cleared the floor and shows their heroes they used. It helps the player (You) to clear the dungeon level.

You can use a wide range of different kinds of heores, from Tanks to Dealers, support heroes, de-buffers, healers, defeat the heroes you encounter.

The Keronic Army Now Controls Dungeon Floor 400 as of September 2016.

Discussion of each floor is available on the Forum!

The following table shows the list of enemies you'll encounter. NOTE: This might be outdated.

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(I = Immunity)
Mr. Mushroom
1 Aaron Bridgnorth Dungeon01
2 Blue Seedling, Pink Seedling
Purple Seedling, Gold Seedling, Green Seedling
3 Wizard's Scepter Dungeon 2
3 Green Artie, Green Artie
Green Artie, Turquoise Artie, Green Artie
4 Light Gloves Dungeon 3
4 Red Artie, Red Artie
5 Sancho Dungeon 4
5 Arbol, Arbol
Sancho, Enraged Kabol, Sancho
6 Barbaric Axe Dungeon05
6 Spearman Mok, Spearman Mok
Soldier Mok, Yoos, Soldier Mok
8 Fashion's Perfection Dungeon06
Green Tea Cupcake, Clove, Mint Macaroon
9 Random 1★ Hero Dungeon07
8 Infantry Stew, Infantry Stew
Artillery Stew, Brown Cloak Tom, Artillery Stew
10 1,000 Gold Dungeon08
9 Mr. Snaps, Consigliere Shark
Mr. Crab, Godfather Shark
12 3 Carats Dungeon09
10 Blue Yomi, Blue Yomi
Red Yomi, Jju, Red Yomi
13 Random 2★ Armor (Bell-bell Defense:25) Dungeon10
11 Red Yomi, Red Yomi
Red Yomi, Kraken, Red Yomi
13 Random 2★ Weapon (Blue Att Dmg:25) Dungeon11
12 Yuma, Yuma
Rag Doll Toby, Gilbert, Rag Doll Toby
14 Random 2★ Hero Dungeon12
13 Five of Hearts, Five of Hearts
Medic Queen, Captain Ace, Officer King
14 2,000 Gold Dungeon13
14 Deux of Diamonds, Duex of Diamonds
Six of Spades, Evil Joker, Six of Spades
20 5 Carats Dungeon14
15 Six of Spades, Six of Spades
Queen Medic, Queen Rouge, Officer King
22 Random 2★ Armor(Squishy Defense:35) Dungeon15
16 Evademic Rayner, Evademic Rayner
Mystic Larva, Evademic Gunner, Mystic Larva
22 Random 2★ Weapon (Resistance Att Dmg:35) Dungeon16
(CheckifStunAble)17 KH-179 Turret, KH-179 Turret
M244 Turret, M244 Turret
22 Random 2★ Hero Dungeon17
(CheckifStunAble)18 Evademic Rayner, Evademic Rayner
Evademic Gunner, Tudede, Evademic Gunner
28 3,000 gold Dungeon18
(CheckifStunAble)19 Duric Rayner, Duric Rayner
Duric Gunner, Vaness, Duric Gunner
28 7 Carats Dungeon19
(CheckifStunAble)20 Schaken, Schaken
Listic, Hellfire Krater, Faust
29 Random 3★ Armor(Gladiator Defense:55) Dungeon20
(CheckifStunAble)21 Destroyer Schaken, Destroyer Schaken
Destroyer Listic, Hellfire Krater, Destroyer Faust
30 Random 3★ Weapon(Pyororong Atk Dmg:55) Dungeon21
(CheckifStunAble)22 Demonfire Krater
Demonfire Krater
30 Random 2★ Hero Dungeon22
(CheckifStunAble)23 Fluxion Schaken,Fluxion Schaken
Destroyer Listic, Demonfire Krater, Destroyer Faust
32 4,000 gold Dungeon22
(CheckifStunAble)24 Ghost Mushroom's Decoy,Ghost Mushroom's Decoy
Ghost Mushroom's Decoy,Ghost Mushroom,Ghost Mushroom's Decoy
34 10 Carats Dungeon24
(CheckifStunAble)25 Enraged Arbol, Enraged Arbol

Enraged Kabol, Pancho, Enraged Kabol

40 Random 3★ Armor(Kantapiya Defense:60) Untitled
(CheckifStunAble)26 Spearman Lak, Spearman Lak
Soldier Lak, Nidhogg, SOldier Lak
34 Random 3★ Weapon(Outlaw Atk Dmg:60)
(CheckifStunAble)27 Infantry Stew, Infantry Stew
Artillery Stew, Red Cloak Tom, Artillery Stew
40 Random 3★ Hero Dungeon27
(CheckifStunAble)28 Fiery Piranha, Fiery Piranha
Fiery Piranha, Fiery Piranha, Fiery Piranha
34 10,000 Gold Dungeon28
(CheckifStunAble)29 Yellow Yomi, Yellow Yomi
Yellow Yomi, Riu, Yellow Yomi
34 15 Carats Dungeon29
(CheckifStunAble)30 Ghost Piranha,Ghost Piranha
Ghost Piranha, Ghost Kraken, Ghost Piranha
30 Random 3★ Armor(Engineering Defense:65) Dungeon30
(CheckifStunAble)31 Enraged Arbol, Enraged Arbol
Enraged Kabol, Enraged Maudry, Enraged Kabol
28 Random 3★ Weapon(T-X Atk Dmg:65) Dungeon31
(CheckifStunAble)32 Red Artie, Red Artie
Turqouise Artie, Enraged Maudry, Turqouise Artie
30 Random 3★ Hero Dungeon32
33 Sancho(I), Sancho(I)
Sancho(I), Pancho(I), Sancho(I)
32 15,000 Gold Dungeon33
34 M2 Turret(I), M3 Turret(I)
KH-179 Turret(I), M244 Turret(I), KH-179 Turret(I)
32 20 Carats
(CheckifStunAble)35 Random 4★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)36 Random 4★ Weapon
(CheckifStunAble)37 Random 3★ Hero
(CheckifStunAble)38 25,000 Gold
(CheckifStunAble)39 25 Carats
(CheckifStunAble)40 Random 4★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)41 Random 4★ Weapon
(CheckifStunAble)42 Random 3★ Hero
(CheckifStunAble)43 50,000 Gold
(CheckifStunAble)44 30 Carats
(CheckifStunAble)45 Spearman Gok, Spearman Gok
Soldier Gok, General Lak, Soldier Gok
37 Random 4★ Armor(Galaxys Knights Defense:90)
(CheckifStunAble)46 Spear, Spear
Scorpion, Scorpion
35 Random 4★ Weapon(Death Singing Atk Dmg:90) Dungeon46
(CheckifStunAble)47 Sergeant Jack, Officer King
Queen Rouge, Medic Queen, Queen Noir
39 Random 4★ Hero Dungeon47
(CheckifStunAble)48 Nutmeg,Nutmeg
Green Tea Cupcake, Clove, Mint Macaroon
33 75,000 Gold Dungeon48
(CheckifStunAble)49 Mr. Crab, Godfather Shark
Jju, Riu
37 35 Carats Dungeon49
(CheckifStunAble)50 Destroyer Schaken, Destroyer Schaken
Destroyer Faust,Succubus Gianna, Destroyer Listic
36 Random 5★ Armor(Holy God Defense:100) Dungeon50
(CheckifStunAble)51 Sergeant Jack, Officer King
Crazy Joker, Queen Noir, Crazy Joker
48 Random 5★ Weapon(Bloody Atk Dmg:100) Dungeon51
(CheckifStunAble)52 Mr. Crab, Godfather Shark
Baby Kraken, Pink Kraken, Baby Kraken
47 Random 4★ Hero Dungeon52
(CheckifStunAble)53 Fluxion Schaken, Destroyer Schaken
Destroyer Faust, Succubus Diandra, Destroyer Faust
29 75,000 Gold Dungeon53
(CheckifStunAble)54 Prince Frog,Prince Frog
Sir Croaker, Lady Arom, Sir Croaker
43 Random 5★ Armor(Holy God Defense:100) Dungeon54
(CheckifStunAble)55 Assassin Jack, Assassin King
Assassin Queen, Assassin Ace, Assassin Queen
34 Random 5★ Weapon(Bloody Atk Dmg:100) Dungeon55
(CheckifStunAble)56 Captain Lak, Major Gok
Soldier Lak, Radon, Soldier Gok
36 75,000 Gold Dungeon56
Marine Jimmy, Marine Brian
41 Random 5★ Weapon(Bloody Atk Dmg:100) Dungeon57
(CheckifStunAble)58 Fluxion Schaken, Fluxion Schaken
Destroyer Faust, Succubus Rosie, Destroyer Listic
35 Random 5★ Armor(Cloud Defense:105) Dungeon58
Nikita, Agnid, Talisa
29 35 Carats Dungeon59
60 Tudede(I), Vaness(I)
M244 Turret(I), Apophis(I), M244 Turret(I)
53 Random 4★ Hero Dungeon60
61 Enraged Arbol, Enraged Arbol
Enraged Maudry(I), Succubus Diandra(I), Enraged Maudry(I)
60 75,000 Gold IMG 0140
62 General Lak(I), General Lak(I)
Assassin Ace(I), Queen Noir(I), Assassin Ace(I)
60 Random 5★ Weapon Dungeon62
63 Jju(I), Riu(I)
Sir Croaker(I), Lady Arom(I), Prince Frog(I)
62 Random 5★ Armor IMG 2360
64 Captain Lak(I), Major Gok(I)
Radon(I), General Lak(I), Tiamat(I)
60 75,000 Gold IMG 2361
65 Schaken, Schaken
Succubus Diandra(I), Succubus Rosie(I), Succubus Gianna(I)
62 35 Carats IMG 2362
66 M244 Turret(I), M244 Turret(I)
Spear(I), Apophis(I), Scorpion(I)
67 Random 5★ Weapon IMG 2365
67 Marshal Gok(I), Marshal Gok(I)
Nikita(I), Tiamat(I), Talisa(I)
70 Random 5★ Armor IMG 2366
68 Nikita(I), Talisa(I)
Fernando, Gonzalez
53 75,000 gold Dungeon 68
69 Mint Macaroon(I), Infantry Stew
Green Tea Cupcake(I), Red Cloak Tom(I), Clove(I)
70 Random 4★ Hero IMG 2367
70 Destroyer Listic, Destroyer Listic
Destroyer Listic, Belphegor(I), Destroyer Listic
66 Random 5★ Item IMG 2368
71 Shadow Bomber Bat(I), Shadow Bomber Bat(I)
Shadow Bomber Bat(I), Shade Bomber Bat(I), Shadow Bomber Bat(I)
72 75,000 gold Dungeon 71
72 Menace Polter-kin(I), Menace Polter-kin(I)
Menace Polter-kin(I), Ominous Polter-kin(I), Menace Polter-kin(I)
72 Random 5★ Weapon Dungeon 72
73 Grumpy Jagar, Grumpy Jagar
Scarecrow Raul, Possessed Jacky, Scarecrow Raul
66 Random 5★ Armor Dungeon73
74 Possessed Nicky, Possessed Nicky
Possessed Nicky, Possessed Jacky, Possessed Nicky
76 75,000 gold Dungeon74
75 Twilight Bomber Bat(I), Twilight Bomber Bat(I)
Ominous Polter-kin(I), Scarecrow Raul, Ominous Polter-kin(I)
80 35 Carats D75
76 Menace Polter-kin(I), Menace Polter-kin(I)
Shade Bomber Bat(I), Wicked Jagar, Shade Bomber(I) Bat
68 Random 5★ Weapon D76
77 Evil Jagar, Evil Jagar
Scarecrow Oren, Ominous Polter-kin(I), Scarecrow Raul
75 Random 5★ Armor 77
78 Possessed Nicky, Possessed Nicky
Possessed Jacky, Shade Bomber Bat(I), Possessed Jacky
82 75,000 gold 78
Succubus Rosie(I), Stein, Succubus Diandra(I)
66 Random 4★ Hero 79
80 Possessed Nicky, Evil Jagar
Scarecrow Oren, Scarecrow Thomas, Scarecrow Raul
74 Random 5★ Item 80
81 Grumpy Jagar, Grumpy Jagar
Clove(I), Teddybear Grey, Green Tea Cupcake(I)
76 75,000 gold 81
82 Fernando, Gonzalez
Red Artie, Enraged Maudry(I), Turquoise Artie
81 Unique 5★ Weapon 82
83 Prince Frog, Prince Frog
Sir Croaker, Ghost Kraken(I), Lady Arom
85 Unique 5★ Armor 83
84 Assassin Jack(I), Assassin King(I)
Assassin Queen(I), Teddybear Sky, Assassin Ace(I)
78 75,000 gold 84
85 Twilight Bomber Bat(I), Twilight Bomber Bat(I)
Twilight Bomber Bat(I), Succubus Diandra(I), Twilight Bomber Bat(I)
86 35 Carats 85
Space Flying Apophis(I), Space Flying Tudede(I)
77 Unique 5★ Weapon 86
87 Evil Jagar, Evil Jagar
84 Unique 5★ Armor 87
Rocket King Toad(I), Rocket Lady June(I)
80 75,000 gold 88
89 Riu, Master Lee(I), Jju 88 Epic 4★ Hero Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 7.32.14 pm
Nikita(I), Teddybear Pinky, Talisa(I)
88 Unique 5★ Item Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.07.43 pm
91 Teddybear Pinky, Teddybear Sky
Chichi(I), Nabi(I), Miya(I)
84 75,000 gold
92 Marine Jimmy(I), M244 Turret, Marine Brian(I) 80 Unique 5★ Weapon
93 Fluxion Schaken, Fluxion Schaken
Destroyer Faust(I), Bignose Jr.(I), Destroyer Listic(I)
88 Unique 5★ Armor
94 Belphegor(I), Asmodeus(I) 88 75,000 gold
(CheckifStunAble)95 Sir Croaker, Sir Ribbit
Rocket King Toad, Prince Frog, Rocket Lady June
90 35 Carats
(CheckifStunAble)96 Stein, Scarecrow Thomas, Franken 90 5★ Weapon
(CheckifStunAble)97 Sancho, Pancho
Gonzalez, Avril, Fernando
86 5★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)98 Avril, Bignose Jr., Succubus Rosie 90 75,000 gold
(CheckifStunAble)99 Jju, Riu
Fighter Yul, Fighter Rina, Fighter Ruri
90 4★ Hero
(CheckifStunAble)100 Magma, Magma
Obsidian Krater
90 6★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)101 Teddybear Pinky, Teddybear Sky
Fighter Yul, Nabi, Fighter Rina
95 75,000 gold
(CheckifStunAble)102 Marine Jimmy, Space Flying Apophis, Marine Brian 90 5★ Weapon
(CheckifStunAble)103 Fluxion Schaken, Fluxion Schaken
Destroyer Faust, Bignose Jr., Destroyer Listic
95 5★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)104 Belphegor, Asmodeus 95 75,000 gold
(CheckifStunAble)105 Prince Frog, Teddybear Sky
Fighter Rina, Rocket Lady June, Nabi
95 35 Carats
(CheckifStunAble)106 Stein, Scarecrow Thomas, Franken 95 5★ Weapon
(CheckifStunAble)107 Sancho, Pancho
Gonzalez, Space Flying Apophis, Fernando
95 5★ Armor
(CheckifStunAble)108 Avril, Bignose Jr., Succubus Rosie 95 75,000 gold
(CheckifStunAble)109 Demonfire, Demonfire
Demonfire Krater
95 4★ Hero
(CheckifStunAble)110 Ninja Hanjo, Ninja Keiasu
Ninja Sasuke, Samurai Kojiro, Ninja Kotaro
95 6★ Weapon


You will need different setup to go past levels, we suggest before spending 3 energy to gather a good team. Typically, you will need a healer and one tank, and 2 dealers. Optional choices are buffer or de-buffer, like 4★ Ghost Piranha or Veteran Soldiers (Veteran Barnes, Veteran Ryan, or Veteran Bo) to decrease armor, Assassin Queen to remove enemy spells or Apophis to clear enemy buffs, or hybrid characters that can tank but also give support (like dragons!).

Even item assignment is important, in fights with fast enemy (or many healers), you will need high dexterity to hit more often, in challenges with heavy dealers bonus health items will surely help!

In dungeon levels where there is many stuns (such as 46), consider using a hero with dispel (4* Chichi has dispel and heal) or a hero that has the "Provoke" skill such as 3* Officer king.

Other floors contain high-leveled enemies, like a Level 78 Franken, Level 78 Succubus Diandra and Rosie. Usually, they are not immune to status effects, so heroes with "Knock Out" skills like 2★ Menace Polter-Kin, 3★ Ominous Polter-Kin, 5★ Succubus Diandra, 6★ Heavenly Messenger Pigsy, Succubus Rosie, Pale Rider, Sir Lancelot, and many more!

Discussion of each floor is available on the Forum!