Guilds are a feature in Hello Hero, it is a way to form an alliance with other people and help each other out. Guilds are also used for Guild Wars where you can win buffs for the whole guild. To create a guild you will need to be at least level 10 and have a 100 000 gold. Joining a guild is free and the level requirements depend on the guild master of the guild you wish to join, the minimum requirement being level 0.

Guild WarsEdit

Guild InformationEdit

In Guild Information, you can find the list of your guild members and their information.

- You can set 'Guild Introduction' for those whom want to join your guild.
- You can also make guild notice for your guild members only.

Guild RankingEdit

Every guild in the game has their own ranking but only the top 50 guilds get shown in the guild rankings table which resets at midnight EST everyday. The table rank guilds based on the amout of Guild Points(GP) each guild has. GP is earned by every single member in the guild from Missions, Arena, Boss Raids etc... Basically, anything that uses up Stamina or Energy can get you GP. The top 3 guilds have their own special and unique logo which no other guild can earn unless of course they are the top 3. Guilds which have control over a continent from Guild Wars also have their own logo, but once they lose control they lose their logo too. Here are all the guild logos available in the game now.

Rank 1 2 3 Guild War Normal
Guild Rank1
Guild Rank2
Guild Rank3
Guild War
Guild icon

Guild ShopEdit

The guild shop