Shade Bomber Bat
Shade Bomber Bat Facebook
Skills Boom!
Fire in the Hole
Rank 3★ (Master)


Shade Bomber Bat is a 3★ Dealer from Ghostly Pumpkin Village, Cucubita.


It's said that a witch combined a bomb and a bat to show off her magical skills.

From Facebook

The Shade Bomber Bat is said to be one of the creations of a witch seeking a chimeric style of warfare. No one ever suspects this cute creature; clumsily fluttering towards foes in battle, until BOOM! -- Go To Post


Level 30 Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Attack Damage 318 349 381 413 445 477
Defense 109 119 130 141 152 163
Health 461 507 553 599 645 691
Dexterity 13 13 13 13 13 13


Boom!: Deals 85% attack damage to an enemy for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 61secs)

Fire in the Hole: Deals 70% attack damage to all enemies. (Cooldown: 74secs)

On Vine

Shade Bomber Bat on vine


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