Time attack is a nice challenge where you have to kill enemy teams as fast as possible! It is available at level 6.

You will need 6 energy to perform one try, and you will start facing harder team as you progress. First encounter, you have one minute, then every time you kill the entire team additional time will be provided and you move to the next challenge, without resting! While the transition, buffs are retained, but hp loss and countdown on abilities is maintained.

You can perform time attack as many times as you want. 

Rewards is gold, increasing depending on how many enemy you defeat, and a useful buff, that will last one hour but will NOT work in Arena, Pvp or Time Attack. The power of buff, like golds, will increase as you get a better score. 

You can't have two buffs at same time, If you have an existing buff it will ask you if you want to keep the old one or replace it with the acquired buff.

Known rewards:

  • Attack boost 
  • Defense boost
  • Health boost
  • Dexterity boost
  • Counter Attack boost
  • Focus boost
  • Critical Chance boost
  • Stamina consumption reduction on PvE maps
  • Gold income increased
  • Exp gain increased
  • Energy consumption reduction


To be able to kill a lot of enemies in a small amount of time, you'll need fast attacks. Don't use Healers or Tanks, they are not so useful. Just focus on Damagers! The best heroes to use for Time Attack are AOE dealers, they can wipe out stages quickly instead of targeting enemies 1 by 1 which wastes time. There are some heroes with double AOE skills like, Sorceress Sally, Don Jobra, Duke Venture etc... They are no doubt the best heroes to use for Time Attack.

Some challenges involve tanky enemies, so you could bring one debuffer, like Veterans, Piranhas, Toads, which all decreases the enemies defense and thus amplifies your damage.