Tudede Facebook
Skills Energy Ball
ET Technology
Rank 2★ (Rare)


Tudede is a 2★ Hybrid from Abandoned Advance Base.


His whole tribe was destroyed by the planet destroyer, Asmodeus. Only a few of his kind who were wandering space at the time of the attack managed to survive.

From Facebook

When his whole species was nearly wiped out by the Keronic Army, Tudede set out to explore new worlds in hopes of learning new technological advancements to help revive his own. During his travels, he became very fond of a popular device in the human world, which he now fashions as his own personal space ship. We don't have the heart to tell him of its original purpose. -- Go To Post


Level 30 Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Attack Damage 147 161 176 191 205 220
Defense 98 107 117 127 137 147
Health 484 532 580 629 677 726
Dexterity 10 10 10 10 10 10


Energy Ball: Deals 60% attack damage and silences (unable to use skills) an enemy for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 42secs)

ET Technology: Revives an ally (recover with 20% health). (Cooldown: 240Secs)

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